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With our professional team, we deliver our work with care.

TEK ASPHALT produces asphalt, which is the most important element for roads, in its facilities equipped with advanced technology, keeping quality sensitivity always in the forefront, and a total of 2 Plants (Asphalt Production Facility) meet a significant part of Istanbul’s asphalt demand. We carry out our production and application studies within the framework of the TSE Quality Certificate and ISO 9001 Quality Certificate we have received.

Modify Asphalt


Deformations such as corrugation, tire track formation and fatigue, which are among the main types of deterioration seen in pavement coatings, create major problems both in terms of traffic safety and high repair costs.

The main reasons of the deterioration are the repeated heavy traffic loads, the large changes in climatic conditions during the year, the regional climate differences are not taken into account in the mixture designs and binder type selection, and the properties of the mixture cannot meet the needs.

Mastic Asphalt


Mastic Asphalt applied in steel bridges or viaducts; It prevents breaks and cracks with its flexible structure and provides insulation with its impermeable feature. Mastic Asphalt has been applied in many large projects by our company.

Stone Mastic Asphalt


Tire marks, or grooves, on the roads due to the increasing traffic volume and axle loads both in the world and in our country are accepted as the most important deterioration in the superstructure. Therefore, stone mastic coatings with high bitumen ratio and high grain contact and interlocking have been developed in order to reduce the formation of traces and increase the life of the roads.

Stone mastic asphalts (TMA) are generally preferred on roads with heavy vehicle traffic.

TMA mixtures are batch-graded mixtures containing 70-80% coarse aggregate, 20-30% fine aggregate and 6-7% high bitumen. The aggregate skeleton consists of coarse gravel, causing more space between aggregate particles.

These gaps are filled with fine aggregate called mastic mortar, filler, bitumen or modified bitumen and fiber that prevents bitumen from flowing.

Colored Asphalt


Colored asphalt produced with special pigments and colored aggregates is used for decoration or security purposes.

Colored asphalt can be applied at pedestrian crossings, sports fields, walkways, parking lots and bus stops.

It is also implemented for security purposes, to draw attention to private roads and to separate them from other routes.

Silent Asphalt


In hot asphalt mixes, noise occurs around the highways due to the friction between the wheel and the road surface. This situation causes noise pollution especially in residential areas.

In order to reduce the noise caused by the friction between the road surface and the wheels; Specially graded hot asphalt mixtures have been developed with resin-based additives.

In the trial studies conducted; In the noise reducing asphalt, it was determined that the noise decreased by 5 decibels compared to the normal mixture.

Silent Asphalt, which can be applied on all kinds of road coverings, is preferred around the places where silence is important such as schools, hospitals and nursing homes.